Independent Valuation Certificates

Other Valuations

We also offer types of valuations to include Cash Liquidation. Immediate Sale or Loan Security. Forced Sale. Capital Gains Tax.

Please feel free to phone or email to discuss your personal requirements.

Insurance Replacement Valuations - This is one of the most requested types of appraisal. A valuation for the purpose of insurance cover. The values are based on what it would cost to replace the lost item with a similar item in a specified market.

Post Loss Assessments - In the unfortunate event of a loss of a treasured item of jewellery and in the absence of having an up to date professional valuation. A post loss assessment maybe required. This is not an actual valuation it’s a quotation or estimate based on information provided. This independent assessment can then be submitted to your insurance company to help support your insurance claim to replace the item.

Probate Valuations or confirmation of Will in Scotland - This is valuation required by the executor of an estate. The probate valuation is used to calculate the Death Duties or Inheritance Tax to obtain Probate of the will. The values are based on the open market values at the date of death.

Division of Assets Valuations - This is a valuation required for the purpose of division of assets it is commonly required in a divorce or separation situation. It can be used for the division of assets when bequeathing jewellery to family members and other beneficiaries when writing a will.

Sale by Private Treaty - This is a valuation which is normally required when an item is to be sold between two parties. When a person wishes to sell an item to another person privately. This value normally represents an open market value unless otherwise instructed.